The unique offer to play golf in Prague. Choose where to play from most popular courses.

3 rounds of golf at 5 quality golf courses. Buggy rental included.


Retail prices listed below. We offer special TO prices (with commission).

Prague Golf Card

270 € / card

  • 3 rounds of golf
  • Choose from 5 courses
  • Buggy included
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Set up tournaments

+60 € / card

  • We organize custom tournament mini series for the group at all 3 chosen courses
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Multiple cards

  • You can buy several cards, stay in Prague longer and play more rounds.
  • The card is not transferable. It is valid for single-player only.

About the card

The Prague Golf Card is a regional project built with the cooperation of five Prague golf courses in the center of Europe – the Czech Republic. It offers the highest quality golf game in Prague area for a fair price.

It is up to you what type of courses you prefer and where you will play your three rounds of golf.

The package can be customized according to your needs. Extra services including transfers, rental of golf sets and so on are also available.

Map of the region

Golf courses

Five top golf resorts in Prague are involved.

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Major card benefits

  • Absolute flexibility with your choice from top golf courses in Prague
  • Guaranteed tee times, the proximity of golf courses, easy logistics
  • Excellent accessibility from the airport and the Prague downtown
  • Golf courses 15-45 minutes from Prague city center
  • A single contact to complete inquiry
  • A single EURO account for payment
  • Accommodation available at PGC golf courses
  • Possibility to arrange transportation

Other services

  • Accommodation
  • Restaurant
  • Buggy rental (free with PGC)
  • Golf sets rental
  • Driving range
  • Training academy
  • And many more…